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Traveling with baby

As a parent of a young kid, some time out with the child is one of the most precious. Because you rarely get this time. Ours lives are getting busier by the day, a demanding job, educational advancement, a side hustle, fitness sessions, all with a goal to meet the bills and live a good life.


However, no matter the type of car seat you use, you are required by law to place your child in the back seat of your car as it is safer compared with front seat. This creates a challenge of monitoring your child as you drive and anxiety keeps your turning to check on him.

Needless to say, this is a grievous distraction while on the road and the solution is to fixed a baby car mirror. You just need to strap the mirror to the backseat headrest, tilt it to face your baby until you get a good reflection of his image in the front mirror

If your car backseat lacks a headrest, there are number of baby mirrors for a car without a headrest, the best is which are attached to the windscreen of the sun visor. To disapprove shallow arguments against the use of baby car mirrors here are the benefits of these mirrors.

Priceless benefits of a baby car mirror

1. It helps you avoid the anxiety regarding your baby’s well being.

The question of whether your baby is hunger, tired, crying, bored, soiled, hurt, sick and so on is bound to make you constantly anxious, leading you to frequently turn and face back as you drive.

Accidents or incidents happen in split seconds and the time you turn to face the back is enough for this. Worse still, you find your child may momentarily disrupt your judgement. With a baby car mirror reflecting to your front mirror, anxiety would effectively be replaced with reassuring glances into the front mirror, just like you glance into the rear view mirrors.

2. The mirror reflection can alert you in time to save your child.

Just like with adults, there are so many hazardous situations that your little one can get into when traveling in a car. These include nausea or any other sickness, injury, choking, heatstroke and so on. Your baby may doze off in an awkward position or a blanket may cover his face thus impeding breathing.

The problem with infants and young children is that neither can they help themselves or ask for help. Left unattended for long can be dangerous and lead to death

3. The mirror reflection entertains babies.

Babies love to see movements and the moving images on the baby car mirror will keep your kids glued to the screen. Your image in the mirror reassures him that you are still with him and thus he’s likely to cry less throughout the journey

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