Baby Car Mirror - Drive With Peace Of Mind!

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Baby Car Mirror - Drive With Peace Of Mind!

$27.00 USD $39.00

"This was such a great purchase! And the value was just fantastic! To buy all the components separately would’ve cost much more!"

— Rebecca Diaz, BabyLum Customer


BabyLum baby car mirror is the all in one complete bundle set. The accessories included are the most commonly items used by experienced parents. This is designed to help driving parents with infant especially 1st time parent with new born.


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The mirror reflection view can alert you in time! There are so many hazardous situations that your little one can get into when traveling in your car. These include nausea or any other sickness, injury, choking, heatstroke and so on. Your baby may doze off in an awkward position or a blanket may cover his face thus impeding breathing.

The problem with infants and young children is that neither can they help themselves or ask for help. Left unattended for long can be dangerous! Shouting out baby names doesn’t help much! This baby mirror is also used as a communication between baby and parent.

Focus on the road without compromising safety!

View your baby when in the car easily without turning back with current car mirrors. It is frustrating not being able to view what the baby is doing behind the car rear seat. Constantly pulling over your car or turning your head over to check on the baby is dangerous and distracting. Staying focused when driving is important.

Drive confidently when you have the full view of your baby. Keep your eye on the road but check on the baby whenever you like. Simple and effective product to help you stay focused on the road! The concept is the same as a car mirror view. View back reflection of the car when driving.

Infant safe!

Light-weight safe materials. This mirror is baby-safe shatterproof acrylic plastic, mounted on a soft mirror frame. The entire mirror apparatus is non-toxic and durable, and designed with safety and comfort of the baby in mind.

In the event of a car crash, the mirror will not shatter or hurt your baby. The toxic-free materials are also safe for those sensitive little fingers to explore and their own view from the mirror!

Easy mirror installation to head of car seats!

This mirror for your baby can be easily installed to most car rear seat headrests. Installing Babylum Back car seats and a car mirror is easy.

No tool is needed and the fitting is done in a matter of minutes. Simply secure and tighten the straps around the head rest and adjust the mirror to your best angle! This is why parents love our mirrors for car seat!

Largest size mirror compared to other car mirrors!

We read parents' reviews! Extra large mirror 360 degree angle adjustable mirror to get crystal clear easy view of your baby behind your rear car seat.

Easy installation of this mirror without the need of any use of a single tool. Safe and durable. Mirror made with shatter-proof acrylic, durable ABS plastic and tough long-lasting straps.

Largest size mirror compared to other car mirrors!

One of the most common items in the baby registry. This is considered the most important car seat accessories for any parent driving, especially driving alone with an infant! This is why we pack the most important accessories along with this mirror to instantly transform vehicles to baby car ready compared to other car mirror baby brands.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get When You Purchase BabyLum 4 Essential Baby Car Mirror Bundle Set Today!

Item 1 - Large Mirror

Largest car seat mirror in the market, made with great quality, light weight, shatterproof plastic mirror, great stability, easy view of baby reflection from the car front view mirror with our 360° adjustable angle mirror! Install car seat headrest easily within 10 minutes without need of tools! Even mom can install this mirror!

Item 2 - Baby On Board Yellow Sign

To alert other cars drivers there is a baby on board. Most drivers will keep a safe distance away once they know there is a baby on board the car. Come with 2 suction cups to stick securely to the rear window!

Safety distance is important during travel! Large size for easy view! Use it even until the baby becomes a toddler or even child!

Item 3 - Car Seat Kick Mat Organizer

Kick mat organizer to protect car seats from shoes while keeping baby smoothers and accessories within reach! Lots of compartments compared to other car seats organizer.

Item 4 - 1 Pair Of Cute Animal Cling-less Sun Shade

To keep sunlight out of the baby's eye while sitting in the car seat. Block over 95% of harmful UV rays. Size 18.9" x 11.8" fit most vehicles. Just stick to the window. Cute animals as an added bonus design to entertain the baby! No more boring car ride!

Drive with a peace of mind!

Do you know our set can save you up to $20!!

Individual retails prices:

Branded baby car mirrors - $29
Branded back car seat organizer - $15
Branded 1 pair of sun shade - $11
Branded baby on board sign - $7

Total retail price = $62!!

Save More With BabyLum!

Focus. Confidence. Drive Safe.


Driving with infant is probably the hardest task for any parents! BabyLum aims to prepare parents with babies on the road. Most parents do not know what they need until situations occurred. 

Large adjustable mirror, sunshade to protect baby face from glaring sun light, backseat organizer to prepare commonly used items and baby on board sign to inform other drivers.

The result? Drive with confidence knowing you are well prepared and in control. A simple and yet amazing way to driving with infant and alone. No more guessing what is your baby doing behind you.

With an average star rating of 4.5 stars reviews and as seen on amazon, we are confident you will like our product!

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We absolutely love this baby mirror product. It's easy to install, designed with a lot of care and works well. What we love more is the fact that this company understands customer needs. Along with the baby mirror, there are other accessories such as sunshades and 'baby on board' sign, which are very thoughtful.


This mirror for baby is great! It is much larger than any other mirror I've had. Easy to install and gives me peace of mind. It came with a kick pad and window shades as well which was an added bonus for me.

Ashley S

This was such a great purchase! And the value was just fantastic! To buy all the components separately would’ve cost much more! The mirror itself is worth the value of this bundle!

Rebecca Diaz

This is awesome!!! Love the kit itself and the mirror is so much bigger than other mirror. Very easy to install, I did it myself at 36 weeks pregnant lol you know how hard it is to move. The backseat protector was great.. I know the baby won’t need it for a while, as he needs to stay facing back. But it’s cool because it has pockets so makes it useful in the meantime. Love this product!!


Omg I can’t brag about this product enough. The mirror is so BIG and CLEAR, it’s very sturdy and fit nicely and tight in my C300. It also comes with two sunshades (our car is not tinted so this was perfect, it def help keep the sun out), a kick mat that we use for our toddler, and the yellow baby on board sign.

Tina Nguyen

I thought getting a mirror for the backseat so I could see my toddler while driving might be useful. I never realized how useful this would be! Firstly, my child has dramatically reduced her tantrums and fighting to be put in her seat. She loves her mirror! Secondly, she watches me watching her and we have more fun driving! Lastly, this came with a kick cover for my seat which means I don’t have to buy upholstery covers! Easy to install, clear picture, and adjustable!
The only thing this could use is some sort of latch to, once positioned, keep the mirror locked in place.

Tiffany Antrich

Here Is Our “I Can't See My Baby Guarantee!”

Try our Baby Car Mirror for 30 FULL days, risk free! Install the baby car mirror, backseat organizer, sun shades and baby on board sign.

After trying these, if you still feel that these are not useful with your day to day driving or you can't see your baby clearly, we'll send you all your money back!

That's right! All you need to do is to email us with your receipt with the title "I Can't See My Baby!" and we'll give you back your money with no questions asked!

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