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"We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves" – Henry Ward Beecher

Our story
Hi, my name is Gerald and I'm the founder of BabyLum. 7 years ago my wife Sharon and I were so excited to welcome our 1st newborn baby girl Glennis into our family!

Like most parents, we set up the baby nursery room, bought a baby crib, stroller, baby clothing, milk bottles, diapers, and toys! All fully prepared or we thought so until we need to start travelling for doctor visits…

I'm driving while mom and baby are both seated behind rear passenger seats. Infant age 0 to 1 year old are required to sit in baby car seats and facing the rear window

These questions always come into my mind. Would I be able to drive alone with my baby girl? What can I do if she cries, what is she doing, sleeping or awake? I'm pretty sure we can pull it off as I have 10 years of driving experiences.

During the 3rd hospital visit, I need to travel alone with baby Glennis. Oh well, I thought this should be the same as my daily drive to work. About 20 minutes of driving, I hear her crying and I wasn't expecting her to cry as she has just been fed. Worst of all I could not see her from my front view car mirror!

baby car mirror

I had to keep turning my head over try to get quick view of what is happening behind at the same time watching the road ahead. Long story short, I pull over my vehicle twice to check what is going with her. I was panicking like mad. This has NEVER EVER happened to me before!

I swear I will never ever travel alone with infant! Well, you guessed it correctly, more driving alone trips...

Soon our vehicle become messy with baby smoother, baby wipes, milk bottles, clothing and more. Sunlight was bright and hot during summer, impatient drivers tailgating us causing potential accidents.

It took me more than 2 months to realise what is the most important product for our vehicle!

babylum baby car mirror

A baby car mirror for back seat! This allow me to view my baby easily and clearly WITHOUT turning my head when driving! What a life saver! However finding a large, light weight and good quality mirror is not easy. I have changed a total of 2 baby car mirror brands before finally getting the good one.

The 1st mirror i bought is round. It doesn't give me a large clear view. The 2nd mirror was too heavy and caused me to worry if it will drop and hit my baby. Over the months, I've added 3 more essential products to help us better handle our baby more effectively!

Ever since I have installed these essential products in my vehicle, I'm able to drive with a peace of mind, even in long hour trip! No longer I have the fear of driving with my baby alone! Unfortunately, I'm still seeing lots of new parents having the same issue as we had! This is when I decided to create BabyLum and my mission is to help parents with newborn!

Finally after 3 years of searching and testing from many suppliers...The most complete baby car accessories for newborn to kids you can ever find!

Why we do this?
As parent ourself, we learnt from experienced moms and understand what children want. We share helpful parenting ideas and products that can improve your parenting life!

As new parent, we made a lot of mistakes with our kids. We searched all over the internet with lots of overloaded information. We wasted a lot of money on not so effective products. We want to be sure others don't make the same mistakes!

When you want to improve your parenting lives, most of what you need is help, instruction, and encouragement from a team of experienced members who have "been there and done that!" with parenting products help make life easier for moms!

We can definitely help you be there for your children when they need you, give the best for your children, and build a good relationship with your children.

The Team:
Founder - Sharon and Gerald

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