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BabyLum is a company that sell quality baby products. Products that make parenting much EASIER.

We understand the confusion and frustration of new parents. New parents have a lot of baby stuff to buy but lack of knowledge. They need the help of an experienced parents!

Life has changed, ever since the birth of Gerald and Sharon's 1st born baby girl Glennis! We don't get to have a proper sleep through the night and day activities is a nightmare as well! We wanted the best baby stuff for our baby but with zero clues. We really have no time to do research with the little monster around!

Buying online is simple but a nightmare. Sick and tired of choosing low quality products. Refund and return of product is just a waste of time. 15 mins is equivalent to 1 hour of rest for parents! Time is precious!

It all started when we start travelling with Glennis when she is 2 months old. It's really difficult to keep turning over to check on her every 5 minutes! The rule of thumb is not to keep or your eye off baby for more than 5 to 10 minutes!

We began searching and we found a really cheap round baby car mirror. Eventually we need a larger and adjustable mirror. Then we realized our car is in a big mess with baby stuff. We began buying and the story goes on and on. 

How much time have we wasted on buying these individually? We thought we can do better for new parents. Why spend few months time and extra money getting them individually when you can buy them all at once? 

Then enough is enough. After buy and throwing away so much baby stuff, we need to solve this problem of buying low quality of baby product! Our goal is to create high quality and useful baby products for new parents!

BabyLum 1st product - Baby Car Mirror was born! Created with love, care and sweat!

Baby car mirror

🛍️ Check out this baby car mirror!

Everyone knows parenting is a tough and challenging job. We help parents reduce their frustration and improve parenting lives with our products.