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⭐️ Babylum Car Mirror Reviews ⭐️

Make sure you and your baby are always safe on the road. Don't develop the habit of always turning around to check if your baby's fine. BabyLum has a baby car mirror that lets you get a clear view of your baby behind your rear seat 😍 See how other parents are loving our Car Mirror 


⭐️ Babylum Car Seat Protector and Backseat Organizer Reviews ⭐️

Protect your car seats from accidents from spilled juice boxes caused by your kid. BabyLum has a Car Seat Protector that was designed to help you keep your seat covers clean. Our seat protector is generously sized at 17" x 28" car seat mat offers maximum coverage and protection.

" The older he gets and when he starts eating snacks and becoming a spunky little boy, the messier things will be. I’m here to share with you a really awesome product to keep your car spiffy and easier to clean and organize. The car seat cover by Babylum is super easy to install and is affordable for moms on a budget like me.


You connect the strap behind the head rest and that’s it. There’s also a separate piece that you can connect behind the driver or passenger seat to store goodies. I love this because I already keep extra things in the car for my baby (wipes, diapers, clothes, etc) so this is another way for me to keep my Jeep organized. " See full blog post here



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